Music and Art

Developing Children talents, Recording and producing music with specific messages for peace and community awareness, Preserving the culture and heritage and keeping children in touch with their culture through music, cultural gala, cultural beauty contest, story telling, recording of and documenting past stories for the future, Organizing Children Music Concerts and Festivals

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Peace Building

Using Music and Art to send message of peace, unit children across tribal divide of South Sudan, Conduct dialogues, Build Social Cohesion among community and organize public social events, providing Mental Health and Psycho social Support to traumatized community members.

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Livelihood Support for Single Mothers

We train single mothers in Entrepreneurship and Business Skills and give them startup capital

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Child Protection and Advocacy

Giving vulnerable children voice and platform to advocate for their rights and Peace through Music, Drama, Public Speaking and Drawing art, documenting and follow up on cases in regards to child abuse, Counseling and mentoring children, Educating the Community on Child Rights and working for the best interest of the child, conducting media talk shows to educate the community on child rights

Health Care

Providing Personal Protective Equipment to the Community for the fight against Covid-19, Providing support to PMTCT HIV Mothers, Community Awareness, Provision of Mosquito net, Conducting community dialogue on health.

Informal Education

Public Speaking skills, Debate, Bible studies for spiritual growth, Life skills training, Art and Drawing, Conflict Resolution skills, engaging children in climate change activities like tree planting. Provide sponsorship for I CAN Children for academic studies whenever possible


Engaging children in different sporting activities for their physical, social, mental and cognitive development