Moses Sakondo

Moses Sakondo
Public Relations Manager

Moses Philliph Dananyeno Sakondo also known as Jamaica Sakondosakondo, is a South Sudanese communication expert, political analyst, freelancer journalist and human rights activist who is eager and enthusiastic to analyze government policies, propagandists’ statements, political ideologies, and government systems among others basing on concepts of political science and military doctrines.

Sakondo works as the speaker of Equatoria Students’ Union in Uganda, public relations manager of Tatamana Media and Entertainment Company Limited, managing director of MBI VOX the leading campus newspaper in Uganda, director/editor-in-chief of UMU Spotlight the official newspaper of Uganda Martyrs University, blogger, and a mentor.

He is also the forefather of Miss MBI beauty pageant, a contest that aims at empowering and elevating women to become self-sufficient persons in the society, and the founder of Afribeauty modelz.

Sakondo holds professional certificates in Journalism, sales & Marketing, National Diploma in Journalism from Uganda Business and Technical Examination Beard (UBTEB), Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Makerere Business Institute (MBI), and now pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi.

As a matter of fact, everybody brings to the world unique talents, gifts, and abilities and some of Sakondo’s abilities include; abilities to host approximately six panelists with distinguish perspectives on issues of Human interest asking them with wider ranges of critical queries. Whereas, he is an expert in investigative journalism, document analysis, radio and TV documentaries, and excellent news writing and reporting skills